Tuned-in developed in 2002 as an online resource for primary schools music. It quickly won a reputation for imaginative and eclectic ideas approaches to music making in and beyond the classroom.

Since then, excellent on line resources for primary school music have developed. These have generally (but not exclusively) focused on instrumental and vocal performance. Although national vocal and instrumental initiatives have changed the face of schools music, the importance of children developing their own creative ideas has been rather lost sight of. This concern was identified by Ofsted (Wider Still and Wider: 2008-2011)

Tuned-in has been relaunched as a simple online resource for teachers and children. Units contain video, images, audio and ideas for class discussion. Strategies for framing tasks, and encouraging children to shape and structure their own creative responses are suggested in the extensive teacher resources (downloadable pdfs)

Tuned-in units will frequently link to provision by Cumbria Music Service and its partners in the Cumbria Music Hub. Refer to Latest News for information.